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1 Rewards

House Points The school operates a system of rewards which supports the achievement of all students. 

• The marking and assessment policy should contain reference to the criteria for the awarding of house points, and this should be monitored by Heads of Subject and Faculty. 

• House points are awarded for a range of achievements. 

• They are for work that surpasses expectations in terms of effort or achievement, for excellent service to the school or others, or for excellent performance in any field. 

• They are not to be awarded for ‘normal’ behaviour (e.g. to students who behave well when they don’t normally). 

• That is not to say this should not be rewarded through praise, emails home or phone calls home.

Celebration Assemblies 

Regular celebration assemblies will be held for each House. 

• Heads of House will work with tutors to identify criteria for the awarding of prizes to students, with the emphasis being on breadth and inclusion.  

• In addition, a high priority is be given to including a celebration of achievement in EVERY assembly – this could be through performance, demonstration or celebration of excellent work, awards, competitions and trophies, or a specific focus. 

Year 11 ‘Prom’ 

• The Headteacher aims to invite all students, but makes it clear that this is a reward for students who have made an overall positive contribution to the school 

• In Year 11, students might be issued with a “Passport to the Prom”. This will have the criteria based on achievement, attendance and behaviour. 

• The Year 11 ‘Prom’ students are invited to the Prom and are asked for a contribution towards the cost of the event. 

Headteacher Commendation Letters 

• All staff should actively engage in the promotion of student outstanding work by requesting a letter of commendation to be sent by the Headteacher, with clear reasons for the request. 


Celebration of Achievement 

• Student achievement is encouraged and supported through the celebration of achievement. 

• Celebration Assemblies take place each half term to recognise students’ progress and achievement. 

• Achievement will be celebrated on the Electronic Notice boards, and in newsletters and through press releases as appropriate. 

• Students with 100% attendance in a term will receive a reward afternoon at the end of term.