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Year 10/11 course description:

AQA History (8145)

  • Paper 1 topics: Germany 1890-1945, Conflict and Tension in Asia 1950-75
  • Paper 2 topics: Health and the People 1000-Present, Norman England 1066-1100

In Year 10, students will investigate how Germany struggled to establish a democracy in the years leading up to Hitler’s Chancellorship in 1933. They will also explore what it was like to live in Nazi Germany 1933-45 and how the lives of millions of people were torn apart at the whim of the Nazi elite. The second half of year 10 will be spent investigating the overview study from 1000-present day which will focus on medical developments. This will allow students to understand the nature of change over a longer period of time and through focussing on medicine will allow them to evaluate the technological, religious, scientific, social and political changes that have created the country that we live in today.

In year 11 we will focus on the Cold War conflicts in Asia, starting with the Korean War and then moving onto the remarkable story of America’s defeat in the Vietnam War. Students will investigate how mass protest and media involvement led to a humiliating defeat for the most powerful nation in the world. Finally, students will also study the Norman settlement of the British Isles including the Battle of Hastings, castle development and the establishment of the feudal system.

There are two exams both of which will be taken at the end of year 11.

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To compliment the GCSE course the department has in the past organised a 5 day tour to Berlin.  We are looking into reintroducing this trip when it is safe to do so.

Year 12/13 course description:

AQA History (7042)

"History is who we are and why we are the way we are.”

(David McCullough)

The three unit course looks at British and International History, contrasting a powerful emerging ‘Early Modern’ Nation with a 20th Century Super Power. Unit 1 The Tudors, England 1485-1603 explores how the Tudors secured their dynasty and strengthened England internally, as well as how they increased England’s influence across the world.  To contrast this, Unit 2, The American Dream: reality and illusion, 1945–1980 investigates how the USA’s internal struggles brought the nation closer to equality whilst also exploring their post-World War Two foreign conflicts.  To complement the two taught units students also carry out an independent study on a topic of their choice from the last 1000 years, producing a 4.500 word analytical essay as a result

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