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At Queen Elizabeth's School we strive for the best behaviour and encourage all of our members, staff and students to be the very best they can. Expectations around behaviour are very high as we want all of our members to feel safe and secure and have the opportunity to grow and learn in a calm and safe environment.  All of this is also built on our strong Christian foundation and Vision of Hope.  It is our Hope that all are behaving correctly and displaying the highest standards, both in school and when representing the school.  We believe in a culture of rewards and support, and we hope to be able to model the highest standards at all times and recognise those that keep to these standards on a regular basis. 

School Rules and Expectations
Lesson Start

  • Arrive promptly
  • Line up outside the room in silence
  • Full and correct uniform
  • Enter the room in silence
  • Sit in seating plan
  • Equipment out on desk

Do Now

  • Starter activity to recall key information from KO
  • Attempt every question

Guided and Deliberate Practice

  • Silent working time (unless instructed otherwise)
  • Answer questions - no opt out
  • Work hard
  • High quality presentation


  • Pack away in silence
  • Stand behind desk
  • Wait to be dismissed
  • Swift move to next lesson