Welcome to the House of Wessex
From the second you become a member of the Wessex team, you will immediately become an invaluable and important part of our House. Wessex students will experience a sense of achievement, confidence and enjoyment, which is complimented by your personal progress, participation and improvement. Your positive contribution to the Wessex team will undoubtedly enhance your lifelong learning experiences and facilitate your continuous development into an aspirational and successful student who will certainly be one to watch in the future.
-Mrs G Heighway, Head of Wessex House

(01202) 856379


House Prayer
Dear Lord,
Thank you for allowing us to be part of the Wessex family,
Let us strive together for greatness
Help us to achieve our very best and beyond expectations
Help us remember the Wessex values when we lose confidence in ourselves as we commit to our endeavour
In Wessex, may we offer support to others as they support us
And let us remain respectful of others as we raise the house cup