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Bursary Information Support and Guidance 16-19 Bursary Fund

Dear Parent / Carer,

The 16-19 Bursary Fund, although common to all Post-16 providers, is to be delivered by the school itself and all institutions have been given guidelines on how the bursary allocation can be distributed to students. Further details of these guidelines can be found on the YPLA website,


The new 16-19 Bursary for QE is intended to support the most vulnerable students in Post-16 education. In order to access this fund, a student must be on a full-time programme of study and fulfill one of the 4 categories below:

  1. Children in care.

  2. Care Leavers.

  3. Young people in receipt of income support.

  4. Disabled young people in receipt of Disability Living Allowance and Employment Support Allowance.


Students who fulfill one or more of the above categories will need to complete the application form and provide evidence to support their application. These should then be passed to Mrs Glover by the end of September. Students moving into Year 13 and who have been in receipt of the bursary will be required to re-apply using the application form, and send it to Mrs Glover by 30th September.


Please contact the Sixth Form Office if you require any further information.


Yours Sincerely,

Mr C Humphreys

Deputy Headteacher


     Mrs G Glover

   Sixth Form Office Manager

01202 856330