Update on Coronavirus 28.2.20

Dear Parents/Carers

Following my emails earlier this week I am writing to provide you with the latest update on Coronavirus.

I am sure you have seen there has been a lot of media coverage about pupils and staff returning to school after half term from attending trips to countries with the Coronavirus. QE School has followed government and Public Health England guidance and put in a number of precautionary measures for students and staff who returned from northern Italy in half term.

Two teachers who travelled to a restricted zone in Italy on a private holiday put themselves into self-isolation. They are still in self-isolation and neither has displayed any symptoms.

Another teacher who travelled to northern Italy but outside of the restricted zone for a holiday in half-term is, as a precaution, in self-isolation as they have displayed cold-like symptoms.

We also had a party of 27 students and 3 staff travel to Pampaego in northern Italy in half term for a ski trip but this was outside of a restricted zone. We have contacted parents of all these students to ask them to follow the advice from the government and contact NHS 111.

A small number of these students have developed cold-like symptoms and are in self-isolation purely as a precaution; none of the staff from the school trip are in self isolation. We would like to reassure you that there are no confirmed cases of Coronavirus in our school.

We are continually monitoring the situation and the government’s advice and will of course update you if anything changes.

Katie Boyes Headteacher