Youth Sport Trust Open Letter to Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson

Open Letter

Dear all,

Thank you very much for supporting our open letter to the two Conservative party leadership candidates and for the extremely quick turnaround on Wednesday. We had 96 co-signatories to the letter – a fantastic show of support and one which can only help improve the chances of securing a positive response.

I’ve attached the final letter which was sent to Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson yesterday afternoon. The Daily Telegraph have run a story about it this

morning: and they will also be running the full letter on their website.

We will keep you updated if / when we receive responses from the two candidates.

For now, feel free to reproduce the letter on your website and share on social media. We have posted about it this morning, it would fantastic if you could retweet it:

Thanks again for your support.

Best wishes,


Simon Ward Head of Corporate Communications 01509 226637 07825 065179