Shakespeare Schools Festival

would like to take this opportunity to say a huge congratula ons to the students who par cipated in the Shakespeare for School’s Project 2017. Throughout the process students were energe c, commi ed and totally professional. This year students performed Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure at the Regent Centre in Christchurch. This was a fantas c opportunity for students to gain experience performing in a professional context by working with theatre directors, stage managers and technical sta . The students performed to a full house, entertaining family, friends and members of the public. It was also a great opportunity to collab- orate with other local schools in Dorset. The quality of the performance was breath-taking. Students hit the stage with energy and tackled the tricky Shakespearian language with con dence. The devised transi ons that the students created, were par cularly imagina ve. The resident company director praised the produc on highly sta ng it was “visually striking, stylish and beau fully produced”. She also praised the passion of the students and complimented their strong character work. Special men on needs to go to Becky Bishop who took on the role of Assistant Director and used this experience as part of her Gold Arts Award. Her crea vity and leadership skills were excellent and young- er students bene ted immensely by her involvement. It is a pleasure to work in a school with such talented young theatre makers. Mr Luke Smith Teacher/Director