Blue Sky Financial Planning Con nues Support for QE School

Leading wealth management company Blue Sky Financial Planning has renewed its Young Chamber sponsorship of Queen Elizabeth School in Wimborne. With the Government’s Careers Strategy published in December placing emphasis on ensuring every school meets requirements for interac on between business and educa on, the role the Young Chamber is more prominent than ever. While QE School is proac ve with its engagement of businesses through its careers service, the Young Chamber Programme supports this ac vity by coordi- na ng with companies across Dorset Chamber’s membership who are happy to engage with schools. The Programme’s tailored approach includes con- tac ng Dorset Chamber members to provide speakers on speci c subjects, arranging for students to visit companies, enabling teachers and sta to spend me in industry, helping schools to access businesses to help with mock interviews and careers fairs, and recrui ng governors where needed. In some schools the programme has also led to businesses helping with speci c areas such as mentoring and inspira onal talks for disengaged students. Mar n McLeman, Head Teacher at QE School, said: “We are a forward-thinking school when it comes to careers provision. The Young Chamber programme complements this by engaging with companies in the Dorset Chamber membership on our behalf and coordina ng ac vity, ul mately allowing us to focus sta resource where it is needed. We are delighted that Blue Sky Financial Planning is con nuing this support and we look forward to building on our rela onship with them and with the Young Chamber.” Gary Neild, Managing Director at Blue Sky Financial Planning said: “I have been impressed by QE school with regards to their passion for providing students with added learning opportuni es, par cularly when linking with businesses. It’s important to look out- wards and ensure that academic studies have a sense of purpose and relevance. They certainly get this at QE and I am delighted to announce that Blue Sky will once again be sponsoring QE as part of the Dorset Young Chamber programme.” Young Chamber is a Bri sh Chambers of Commerce and Industry ini a ve designed to bridge the gap be- tween business and educa on whereby schools have access to business experts and their resources to help facilitate the pathway for students into adult life. Young Chamber in Dorset is working closely with the Careers and Enterprise Company and Local Enterprise Partnership all of whom are addressing the need for greater involvement between businesses and schools, for the bene t of young people entering the world of work. Joan Senior, Young Chamber Coordinator, said: “Young Chamber in Dorset does not rely on public funding, therefore the support of businesses such as Blue Sky Financial Planning is invaluable. The Programme works by crea ng an ini al engagement between the sponsor and the school, whilst also unlocking the poten al for schools to access 700+ Dorset Chamber members, ranging from SMEs to global enterprise companies across a wide range of sectors. Our remit with QE School is to iden fy areas where Young Chamber can complement their exis ng ac vity, whilst being accountable to QE School and Blue Sky Financial Planning in terms of programme delivery.” Young Chamber in Dorset is sponsored and support- ed by Bournemouth University and TeamJobs. The Programme currently has several schools seeking business sponsors, as well as schools asking for speakers and site visits for students in di erent sectors. For more informa on, please contact Joan Senior, Young Chamber Coordinator at

Bridging the Gap through Young Chamber (le to right) Mar n McLeman, Head Teacher at QE School; Joan Senior, Young Chamber Coordinator; Gary Neild, Managing Director at Blue Sky Financial Planning; Hayley Jones, Careers Advice & Guidance Manager at QE School; and Ian Girling, Chief Execu ve at Dorset Chamber. Press enquiries to: Joan Senior, Young Chamber Coordinator, Dorset Chamber Telephone 01202 714817 or email About Dorset Young Chamber / About Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) About Blue Sky Financial Planning / About QE School