London Politics Trip

Year 12 and Year 13 Politics Trip to London

Written by Molly McLaughlin (Y12 Politics student)

Back in February, the Year 12 and Year 13 Government and Politics classes went on a trip to London to visit the Houses of Parliament, meet with local MP Simon Hoare and meet other individuals such as MPs assistants, MPs and others who work within politics.

We had a brilliant tour of the Houses of Parliament with a guide who gave us important information that is beneficial to our course. We first entered the House of Lords where we got to see a debate which was interesting. It was incredi- ble to see the Lords in action andhowitissetout.Aswesat in the gallery, we saw the dynamics of the House of Lords and the progression of the debate, and how they would later on make amend- ments to government legislation. The House of Lords was full of History and we could identify the different parts which make up the House.

After spectating the debate, we left the Lords and shortly entered the House of Commons. The debate held in the House of Commons was fascinating to watch too. We saw Members of Parliament in action debating over important legislation.

We saw a variety of MPs broadcasting their thoughts to other members that were present. Normally, we see these MPs taking part in PMQs and other televised debates, it was a great opportunity as we could see them live, changing and debating over legislation and issues in the UK today. We continued to watch the debate in the Commons and left before it was going to end. Following this, we were asked questions by the guide regarding the Houses of Parliament. We also got background history on Parliament too. We saw where a suffragette chained themselves to a statue in Parliament during a protest for Women’sRightsandwealso were given background information on our first ever Prime Minister Robert Walpole.

This really is important for us as politics students as our knowledge is forever growing and having this tour of Parliament allowed us to revise our current knowledge while adding to it at the same time. When the tour ended we were taken back to the Parliament Education Centre for a ‘Political Speed Debating’ event. We got the chance to meet different people who work within Parliament and different assistants. Talking to the different politicians, assistants and workers within Parliament

gave us all an insight into what working within Parliament was like. We got the chance to broadcast our views and interests to these individuals and they were enthusiastic to listen. I believe that this motivated many of the politics students to get more involved politically.

Towards the end of our day in Westminster, we met with local MP Simon Hoare. We asked him questions regard- ing our local area and what he is actively doing to improve it for everyone and what his views on ‘Brexit’ are. We all got the chance to ask him questions which were important to us, and he recognised the Year 13s who hehaspreviouslymetbefore. It was lovely to meet another local MP as this gave us another chance to express our views and opinions. Finally, we left the Parliament Education Centre and head- ed back to the Tube Station where we began our journey home. This trip was an amazing experience for us politics students which will prove to be helpful as we start our exams. We are all grateful for this trip that was organised by Miss Barr and it wouldn’t have been possible without her. Overall, the trip was out- standing and it was such an amazing experience that we were lucky to have.