Headteacher’s Update

Dear Parents and Carers

We are approaching a momentous period in our country’s future and making the right decision, the right choice and living with the consequences of that decision is absolutely crucial. I am, of course, referring to the GCSE, BTec and A level examinations that our students have embarked upon and which to a more or lesser degree, will determine their future path through life. Making the right decision in the stressful environment of an examination room is sometimes the key to ensuring that the examination is successfully tackled.

It’s sometimes very challenging for young people to face the world and its many pressures these days and that is why I am delighted that so many different ways of relaxing and enjoying our planet are featured in this newsletter. We have an amazing range of arts activities, sporting activities, student leadership and work related learning events featured in this newsletter and I would suggest to all parents that coping with the stresses of modern education is best done by immersion in activities that focus the mind in performance, competition or leadership. If your son or daughter needs de-stressing get them involved in activities which distract and develop, calm and enrich, motivate and inspire. You might not end up with a world champion like Jessica on page

18 but you will have a child who enjoys life to the full.

My message to all students taking examinations this year is very simple. Stay calm, do your best and as QE has supported you in your preparations so we will support you following the results.

As for that other momentous decision this summer please watch out for the date and time of the QE Hustings where we hope to gather all the candidates for an open debate before election day. As I said earlier making the right decision and living with the consequences is the joyful legacy of living in a democracy.

Best wishes,

Martin McLeman