Wimborne BID Way finding Project

A small group of Year 12 students are currently working with the Wimborne Business Improvement District (BID)Program with an aim to improve the town’s visitor experience. These students recently visited Bournemouth University to meet with an interna onal Way nding expert, Professor Jan Wiener (Way nding is the science of signage).

Students learnt that one method of achieving an improvement for visitors to the town is to dras cally improve the signage around the area so tourists nd it simple to nd their way around, a rac ng them to other, less visited areas of our town. Professor Wiener explained the Phycology behind signage based on his past experiences and projects he has conducted in loca ons such as the Frankfurt Airport. He helped students to reach the next stage giving them the con dence to progress in this important community project.

It was a fascina ng mee ng; Professor Weiner’s details can be seen her