Shakespeare In Schools

On 30th November some of our Drama Students performed amazingly in the Shakespeare in Schools Fes val at Poole Lighthouse and as a result the Stage Director sent the following appraisal:



As You Like It

Produced and Performed by Queen Elizabeth's School The Lighthouse, Poole , 30 November 2016 Appraised by Paul Jenkins

Many congratula ons to the cast and crew of Queen Elizabeth's School on their fantas c produc on! I’d like to highlight a few things from this group that stood out, wowed the audience and made this Shakespeare Schools Fes val night an evening to remember.

This was a funky, disco lled produc on which not only had the audience tapping their feet in the aisles, but also had the stage crew dancing backstage! It was jam packed full of fun and brought one of Shakespeare's trickier comedies to life with air and style. It was bright, it was bold, it was lled with fun.

With four simple stage ats marked A,Y,L,I the cast created a whole host of di erent loca ons. As they moved the boards around the stage they created the Forest of Arden, a bedroom, the disco oor - even the gents toilet! The cast had clearly rehearsed well together and showed huge support for each other. They made every change on stage really slick.

The characterisa on from the actors was also of a very high standard and they mapped out the show for us really well. Gesturing clearly to the

people they were introducing for the rst me is really important for an audience to help understand the story. They developed that further by giving each individual character a series of dis nct facial expressions, voices and movements which would be set the apart from the other characters and were hilariously funny.

There were so many moments in this play which made me smile. Replacing the wrestling scene with a dance o was inspired. Every member of the cast lled the stage with energy and when the 'ba le' happened the exaggerated reac ons of those involved prompted us all into ts of giggles. It was absolutely brilliant.

This was a bright, colourful and superbly acted show which took us to the grooviest parts of the Forest of Arden, bringing smiles to the faces of everyone in the theatre.

“It's a signi cant achievement to do something as di cult and aspira onal as perform one of Shake- speare's plays on a professional stage. Everyone who's taken part should be so proud of themselves.”

Ruth Brock, SSF Chief Execu ve

I would like to congratulate everyone involved in this superb produc on. I hope to see your school in the Fes val again next year.

Paul Jenkins , SSF Stage Director “