Project Edge of Space - EOS Farnham Common Primary school

On Monday 12th December, three students from QE School travelled up to Buckinghamshire to meet with Max Newman the young boy who along with his family, recovered our payload from Project Edge of Space. Max goes to Farnham Common Primary school.

We were there to present our STEM project, Project Edge of Space and to inspire the children to start making science projects of their own which can be sent up into the outer atmosphere. They will be collabora ng with more QE students this year for a new project (yet to be named). The students from Farnham Common have been asked to design some science experiments and the students from QE School will be tasked to y the experiments into space.

The experiments will be designed by each year group in Farnham Common School and will then be judged in a compe on. The best 6 (one from each year group) will be sent up with a new payload designed by our students here at Queen Elizabeth’s School. The three students that travelled the one hundred miles up to the school were Cameron Dunn, Jay Kerr and Morgan Bedford who were part of the original team designated to send up a balloon to the Edge of Space, one of them even winning the Rehau Environment award at the QE Presenta on Evening for their work. The EOS team had to design a presenta on for each year group, tailored for their age and knowledge, to be presented in an assembly for each key stage. They showed them the payload, and went through how they achieved the task with the equipment used. They also showed a lm of the whole project, which really helped inspire the children to want to take part in QE’s new STEM project.

Hilary Hawley, deputy head teacher at Farnham Common School said “The children were really excited by your visit and are really looking forward to ge ng involved in your new project”

Stay tuned for more exci ng news from the QE STEM team