Music Students meet Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra

15 GCSE music students went along last week to a Meet the Orchestra event at Poole Lighthouse.

A er listening to ‘Bomber’ Harris (principal French Horn of the Bournemouth Sympho- ny Orchestra) and a visi ng conductor, and having an informa ve presenta on on all things orchestral, the students were treated to an evening concert featuring music by Mozart, Berlioz and R. Strauss.

Many students had not experienced the

sound of a live orchestra before and were

pleased to have the chance to relate their academic studies to live performance. Head of Music, Steve Glover, was delighted with the response. “ The BSO is a world class orchestra and our students were very privileged to have the opportunity not only to hear the musicians up close, but to ask ques ons and get a real feel for the various careers connected with an orchestra. The playing was sublime that evening, and we look forward to a ending an open rehearsal with the BSO next month, where they will get to witness what goes on behind the scenes.”


Do you have a musical instrument you no longer play? Would you consider loaning/dona ng it to our Music Department?

There are many children who would relish the opportunity to learn an instrument but may not be able to a ord the up-front cost of purchasing one.

Please contact Head of Music Steve Glover if you can help.