Michael Tomlinson MP Visits Politics Class

​On Friday the 4th of November, our Year 12 & 13 Poli cs class was privileged to receive a visit and talk from Michael Tomlinson, Conserva ve MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole.

Students had the opportunity to ask Mr Tomlinson ques ons and nd out more about developing local and interna onal situa ons. Topics such as the EU Referendum, Middle East and the US Presiden al Elec on dominated the ques ons, however each response from Mr Tomlinson was well-given and well-explained.

The opportunity proved useful for poli cs studies, who got a great

rst-hand account from an MP as well as the ability to ques on an MP and get direct answers from him. For Year 12, it ran parallel to their study of ‘The life of an MP’ which was gracefully explained by Mr Tomlinson who gave details of what his day-to-day duty is and what issues he is currently raising awareness for in parliament and in the local area.

It was also the rst me that both years of the sixth form, 12 & 13 had joined together and had direct contact with each other on an o cial capacity - this added to the ques on session with Mr Tomlinson receiving a large variety of ques ons and views in which he responded in the utmost detail and interest, giving us a detailed view in how much care and dedica on MPs put to their cons tuencies and cons tuents. Overall, the talk was extremely enjoyable and interes ng giving students great detail on situa ons home and abroad as well as aiding their studies and giving spark to debates and topics that can be used and discussed in class.