Mathematics Study

TALIS Video Study

We are delighted to say that our school has recently

agreed to par cipate in a pilot for an innova ve and ex-

ci ng interna onal study conducted by the Organisa on

for Economic Co-opera on and Development (OECD). The

TALIS Video Study will look to improve understanding

about which aspects of mathema cs teaching are related to pupil learning and the nature of those rela on- ships. Nine countries including England are par cipa ng in the study (Japan, Chile, Mexico, Columbia, Spain (speci cally Madrid), the US, China (speci cally Shanghai), Germany and England). The study will therefore also contribute to our knowledge of how teachers teach mathema cs in di erent countries and contexts. England’s involvement is being managed by Educa on Development Trust working on behalf of the Department for Educa on (DfE) and in partnership with Oxford University. Educa on Development Trust is a large not-for pro t organisa on which transforms lives around the globe by improving schools and school systems both in the UK and overseas, whilst inves ng annually in a programme of educa onal research.

For the TALIS Video Study pilot, one of our mathema cs teachers, Ms Larrington-Vandy, kindly agreed to have one of her lessons with a group of year 9 students lmed. In addi on, both she and her students were invited to complete a ques onnaire. The student ques onnaire included ques ons about their mo va on and con - dence in mathema cs. Students also took a mathema cs test before their lesson was videoed. The Research Team at Educa on Development Trust passed on their sincere thanks to Ms Larrington-Vandy and as well as to her students and their parents, for their co-opera on and willingness to par cipate in this exci ng study.

Pupil informa on for those par cipa ng in the study will be stored securely and con den ally. Further details on this can be found in the consent form that pupils in Ms Larrington-Vandy’s class brought home prior to their par cipa on in the study. For all parents who agreed to your son or daughter’s involvement in the pilot video study, in so doing, you will be suppor ng important interna onal work on improving teaching quality all over the world and a ec ng the educa onal success/life chances of many pupils of mathema cs.

For more informa on on the TALIS Video Study please contact the Research Team at Educa on Development Trust - TALISvideostudy@educa ondevelopmen or see the OECD TALIS Video Study Brochure.