Karate World Championships

Callum reports on the recent World Championships:

“A errecentlybecomingtheKyokushinKarateBri shChampionforthesecond me,Iwasasked to Bulgaria from 1st-5th December 2016 and competed for Team GB in the KWU Karate World Champion- ships, with full contact rules in which the aim is to knock out the opponent, injure them enough so they can no longer ght or to win over possession of the ght . A er intense and constant training over the past months in order to prepare for the tournament, I reached the Quarter Finals on the rst day (3rd), I had to then ght in the Quarter Finals the next day (4th) in order to go through to the Semi-Finals. This ght was one of the rst of the second day which meant that the pressure was very high. Unfortunately I lost in the Quarter Finals to a Russian ghter who then went on to become the World Champion later that day, which s ll places me in the top 8 in the world in my age and weight category. “

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