Holocaust Memorial

​On Thursday 26th January, the day

before Holocaust Memorial day, QE were honoured to welcome Joanna Millan, a survivor of Terezin concentra on camp. Joanna visited the school to give a talk to year 10 History students and post 16 Philosophy and Ethics students. Students sat and listened as she outlined her life story, how she was captured with her family and then how she survived the camp, as well as then explaining what happened in her life next as an orphan own over to Britain in 1945 in a bomber.

Students also then got an opportunity to ask her ques ons about her life, her faith and her views

on the world today. One said 'It's hard to put into words what it felt like listening to Joanna. She

didn't seem to have any drama about her, her account was factual and clear but the content was so shocking. To be poten ally the last genera on to be able to hear from a survivor is signi cant as well. It's us that need to con nue the story.'

​Holocaust Memorial Day Artwork - Mrs Darley

The Art Department were approached to produce some artwork in response to some poems which were wri en by children at the concentra on camp Terezin.

Students produced several outcomes one of

which was

in uenced by the Artwork of Tom

Phillips to incorporate visual imagery over the

top of poems. The artwork was displayed in the

school’s recep on area to support the House

Assemblies whose focus was to re ect upon the

Holocaust. This work was then displayed at

Wimborne Minster. A special thanks goes to

both Lily Tribe & Amy Antell with their support

in organising and facilita ng the workshops

alongside the Year 9 students who gave up their Friday lunch mes for several weeks to complete the out- comes:

Holly Angell, Miles Bielecki, Hugo Bielecki, Madeline Bone, Ruth Boyle, Leela Brunsdon, Neve Carpenter, Victo- ria King, Abigail Lee, Caty Mills, Olivia Sharpe, Heidi Simmons, Elora Stead & Martha Tribe.

Holocaust Art Exhibi on review by Amy Antell & Lily Tribe Year 12

From November to the beginning of January a group of Year 9 students have worked on a small art exhibi on led by Mrs Darley and two Year 12 students, Lily Tribe and Amy Antell, for their Part B of Arts Award Gold. Using poems wri en by children during the Holocaust they have created a series of artwork to show the devasta on and hardship that the oppressed su ered at this horri c me.

They started out by wri ng out the poems in their own handwri ng to recreate an authen c e ect. They then looked at the work of the ar st Tom Phillips and created their own inspired piece using the poems. Finally we presented this work in the foyer at school and then moved it down to Wimborne Minster for their Holocaust Memorial Exhibi on.

Everyone enjoyed this unique experience and the opportunity for their artwork to be displayed in Wimborne Minster. It helped Amy and Lily in their ability to organise and run workshops for younger students.

OnFriday27th JanuarypupilsfromQueenElizabeth’sschoolhadthehonourofparticipatinginaHolocaust Memorial Day service in Wimborne Minster.

The service featured music composed by Ruth Fazal. Ruth wrote this Music in response to artwork, poetry and stories from survivors of the Ghetto in Terezin. 15,000 Children passed through the gates of Terezin Ghetto in Czechoslovakia. Of these only 100 survived. Ruth had kindly visited QE the day before the service. Speaking to pupils from year 9 and 10 was a valuable insight into the life of a professional composer.

DuringtheservicesixcandleswerelitinmemoryofthesixmillionJewswhoperishedintheholocaust. Thefirst candle was lit by Erica Prean who came to England with the Kinder-

stransport and the fifth, representing youth, was lit by our head boy

at QE.

The QE Trio, Eilisa Love (Voice) Samuel Josephs (Violin) and Jonathan Scouse (piano), then gave a moving performance of ‘Dos Elnte Kind – The Lonely Child’ a lullaby composed by Yankly Krikski in the Vilna Ghetto (Lithuania) arr. B Jose. The song describes the child 'Sorele' looking for her mother. She dreams of her mother, and also imagines her father returning home. She hears her mother singing her a lullaby, asking her to tell future generations what happened to her. The song’s message, like other songs from the Vilna ghetto, is to document what happened as part of the history of the Jewish people at their darkest hour, and never to forget.

​The service was then brought to a close with the Year 9 Chorus performing Isiah 55:12 ‘You Shall Go Out With Joy’ with great quality.