Headteacher’s Update

​Dear Parents, Carers and Friends

Welcome to the rst newsle er of 2017 and once again we have a bumper edi on of news which covers almost every aspect of life at Queen Elizabeth’s. We are delighted to be able to bring you news of Business and Economics, Music, Art, Science, Dance, Poli cs, Poetry, Sport in many forms with both team and individual achievements men oned in this edi on.

Please accept my apologies for using this editorial to talk about a very important issue. This is my fourth year at QE and despite my own shape not looking any leaner or er, I am afraid to say that because of the disastrous educa on funding we are experiencing, QE itself is going to have to be a lot leaner and er next year. QE is facing a shor all of approximately £300,000 in the budget for 2017-18. Bizarrely this is in a period of huge growth in pupil numbers and the school being full and over-subscribed in all year groups. We are doing everything we can to address the budget shor all without compromising the quality of the educa on on o er but we do need your help. On the last pages of this newsle er are two highly signi cant ways in which you could help with minimal e ort. I would urge you to sign up to these two fundraising e orts. The rst costs you two pounds a month and the second costs you nothing! Please consider whether you could help.

The senior team at the school and the Governors will be working hard to ensure that we tackle this budget shor all e ec vely and we will certainly keep you informed about decisions and opportuni es for further fund-raising.

In the mean me enjoy the newsle er, have a relaxing half-term and enjoy the slightly lighter mornings and evenings!

Best wishes Mar n McLeman