Fund Raising

Our Students do an amazing amount of work with various chari es over the school year. Students from each House choose chari es to support and we hold an ACE Charity Presenta on Event to present our cheques to delighted recipients.

We are proud to report that we were able to give the following last year:

Stuart House

  • Julia’s House £1,000

  • Macmillan Cancer Support Tudor House £698.80

  • Fight Bladder Cancer £500

  • Guide Dogs £500

  • Young Minds Trust £500

Wessex House

  • Mosaic £1,898.64

  • Teenage Cancer Trust £1,898.63

Lancaster House

  • British Heart Foundation £805.62

  • Macmillan Caring Locally £805.62

York House

  • Alzheimer's Society £677.20

  • Leaf £955.16

Total: £10,239.67

We received the following acknowledgement from The Alzheimer’s Society:

I just wanted to let you know that your very generous cheque of £677.20 has arrived and it will be processed shortly.

Thank you so much for suppor ng Alzheimer’s Society. The amount the school has raised could pay for a Demen a Adviser to make 32 home visits to families a ected by demen a and spend an hour giving one to one support.

Demen a Advisers provide prac cal and emo onal support whilst talking through any concerns the family may have and ensure they can nd the best possible support available in their community to suit their individual needs.

Thank you so much for your con nued support. When the cheque is banked I will ensure a formal thank you le er and cer cate is sent so you can display it in the school.