Choreography Research

New Art Centre, Roche Court.

Year 12 students, Will Burry, Lea Palinske, Emily Pitcher and Elly Willingham a ended a research day at the New Art Centre to explore the exhibited sculptures as a s mulus for their own choreography and performance. The dancers iden ed similari es in ar s c processes between dancers and ar sts, using their research and individual interpreta ons as the catalyst for crea ng their own choreographic response.

The students were an asset to the school, and the sta at Roche Court spoke highly of how well they worked and interpreted the sculptures in such a crea ve and insigh ul manner.

The students, now back in lessons, have the crea ve challenge of choreographing a dance based on one of the sculptures that inspired them. They will then perform this piece on the 30th April at Pavilion Dance South West amongst other schools and Universi es.

Miss Na on

Teacher of Dance