On Friday the 3rd of February a minibus full of QE students headed for Exeter for the South West Regional Boccia Finals.

This was going to be an

exci ng and challenging day as

at the event the students were

going to take on two very

di erent roles. The rst 6

students Leo Scur eld,

Brendan Carey, Bella Burbidge,

Zoe Cluley, Paul Sowry- House

and Rebecca Jamieson were

compe ng in two teams

throughout the day to try and earn a place in the Na onal Finals having been champions at the previous round and quali ed to play.

The other nine year 11 students on the bus had been undertaking intense training on the rules and regula ons of Boccia and had been chosen to be the young o cials umpiring the games.

Once at the compe on the young leaders took responsibility for o cia ng and scoring solidly for the next 3 and a half hours as match a er match was played and results logged. This was a very intense day for the young leaders requiring a lot of concentra on and measuring to be certain of the result with a place in the na onal nals at stake for the teams compe ng. The young leaders did a fantas c job and were excep onal role models for QE on that day and I’m certain they arrived home feeling very proud but exhausted.

The two teams compe ng were led con dently by Leo Scur eld and Rebecca Jamieson and played well and had some excellent wins along the way but the s compe on meant it was not going to be QE’s day. We would like to say well done to our performers who should feel very proud of themselves. We would like to congratula on the overall winners that day which were Truro college and Woodlands school and wish them the best of luck at the na onal nals later in the year.

Mrs Bailey and Miss Jenkins