Blood Brothers Trip

BrothersTrip19th January2017

‘Onthe19th January2017,300Year11studentsattendedtheBloodBrothersmusicalinWoking. We travelled by a fleet of 6 coaches to the theatre full of excitement and enthusiasm. I was seated in row A, only a few rows from the stage.

The musical itself was brilliant – a perfect balance of comedy and dramatic seriousness that had the audience laughing one minute and deadpan the next; completely spellbound. The musical adaptation varies slightly from the play we have studied in class so there were several moments when we were taken by surprise. By the curtain call, we’d laughed, many had cried and we were full of fizzy bubbles of wonder that you only get after a performance that good. The usual rule in musical productions is that you keep taking bows until the applause dies down. The cast of Blood Brothers received a standing ovation that lasted so long I think they came back out a good 10 times!

Needless to say, I think it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience for everyone that will have a huge impact on our understanding of this great play.’

Becca Legg 11 L-SPG