Performance Programme

The Performance Framework has two dimensions within its support mechanism for our more able academic students as well as our highest practical performing students at QE.


Performance Programme Framework at QE

It is our ultimate aim to find ways of creating a framework that supports our ‘More Able’ students to reach their potential and support their unique needs. Our approach ensures that in every lesson teaching and learning methods are designed to;

  • Create excellence and high aspirational conditions in classrooms that are full of challenge, creative thinking, critical thinking, and problem solving and student choice.

  • Students have access to subject specific support, feedback and personalised learning objectives and targets for high performing improvement.

  • Students have the opportunity to opt in to subjective specific extra-curricular activities as well as internal/external competitions and events. Students will also develop their interpersonal skills for future aspirations.


Each faculty at QE has developed their own subject specific and action plan to support the unique and diverse needs of the high performing (more able) students in which they teach.


What does a ‘High Performing’ more able student look like?

  • More able students are identified through their KS2 prior attainment in conjunction with the CAT tests completed in Year 9

  • High levels of attainment and qualities in a particular subject (High Performance) or across a number of subjects (Advanced Performance)

  • Be very articulate and verbally fluent for their age

  • Be interested in topics which one might associate with an older student or adult

  • Have a range of interests and hobbies outside of the curriculum

  • Relishes the opportunity to take on new roles and responsibilities

  • Be self-motivated, regulated and reflective

  • Have strong views, opinions and willing to take risks

  • Have a strong sense of leadership

  • Communication, empathy, knowledge, understanding and negotiation

  • Be inquisitive and question readily to a high level