• The School, in partnership with Sodexo, its catering provider, is committed to providing meals of a high standard at an affordable price.

  • Our objective is to offer freshly cooked, nutritious meals with a selection of vegetables, salads and fruit as seasons allow. All meals are low in salt and fat.

  • Drinks high in additivies are not sold and only water, approved sports drinks and hot drinks such as tea, coffee and chocolate are provided.

  • The School and its Governors hold the health of the whole School Community more highly than financial gain and wish to encourage all to eat wisely and healthily.

  • All meals are freshly prepared and cooked daily on the premises

  • Menus are designed to reflect the seasonal availability of fresh, locally produced ingredients

  • The cooking methods ensure that no salt is added to food during the preparation and cooking stages and that no additional fats are used in cooking.

  • Students are encouraged to make suggestions and menu requests

  • QE promotes Healthy Eating and encourages all students to eat a varied diet

  • All vended items meet our healthy eating criteria (low fat, salt and sugar)