House System

The House system will reward students individually and as part of their house; 

House points will be awarded in three areas: 

  • Academic

  • Community

  • House (including competitions)

Academic House points will be awarded for: 

  • Good work and effort in lessons 

  • Attending extracurricular clubs (Academic) 

  • Progress checks, good progress and/or attitude to learning scores converted to house points – bonus points

  • Mock examination and PPE performance – bonus points for performance beyond target

Community House points will be awarded for: 

Other ways of earning points: 

  • If a student has a 100% attendance during am and pm sessions in a week 

  • A clean ACE card

  • ACE Passport

Block House points:

  • Sliding scale for competition 

  • Best Attendance

  • Least Behaviour Points



The Rewards Shop. House Points can be redeemed through the House Office; 

  • Stationery 

  • Restaurant

  • Leisure Centre 

  • Monthly draw

House Gardens.JPG