Academy Members 

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The School vision is formed around the following key characteristics. Our commitment to hope and excellence. We wish to develop a Community of mutual service that delights in success, rewards effort and challenges those who make poor decisions. We want a better future for all our students and we challenge the assumption that only some students can succeed.

We wish to be leaders in education and have a presence both locally and nationally in innovation and development in education. We want our teachers to lead action research and provide life enhancing education that engages our young people in a broad curriculum which supports their preparation for their future.

We want to be ambitious in everything we do and have given our commitment to working with the Headteacher, the senior leaders and teachers to focus on continuing to raise levels of achievement. Placing particular emphasis on the most able reaching even higher standards and the most vulnerable increasing levels of progress to reach national standards.

We look forward to meeting you with your young people at a school open evening or event in the future.

If you wish to get in touch with one of our Governors please contact the clerk, Helen Richards via email at

Academy Committee Members


  • Jane Mursell                             Chair

  • Katie Boyes                              Headteacher

  • David Sims

  • Pola Bevan

  • Vikki Slade

  • Rev'd Andrew Rowland

  • Jane Mann

  • Jessica Wicks

  • Dave Snell