Dress Code / Uniform

At QE we strive to maintain high standards, including those relating to suitable clothing and appearance for school. The reputation of Queen Elizabeth’s is influenced by the behaviour and appearance of it's students. Our dress code is designed to encourage a smart and business-like style, appropriate to a modern learning environment.


Uniform reviews have provided some freedom of choice as befits a community of learners, whilst trying to address issues of cost and accessibility for parents. The dress code is intended to provide the opportunity for collective pride in our school as well as a clear structure for students and parents to follow. The overriding principle to the dress code is that uniform should be worn smartly and neatly at all times.

Uniform Suppliers

Queen Elizabeth's School Uniform can be purchased by visiting Bartletts in Wimborne :

Bartletts are at 45 East Street, Wimborne, BH21 1DX - tel: 01202 882945.

All garments are specifically designed to be hard-wearing and durable as everyday school wear.

Specific considerations

Types of Shoes

Uniform Guidelines

  • Shoes should conform to normal school standards in style and material. High/stiletto heels, sandals and open toed shoes are not permitted for health and safety reasons.

  • Consideration should be given to safety when choosing shoes as we have many stairs on site.

  • Trainers and sweatshirts may only be worn during PE or when playing sport.

  • Navy blue V-necked jumper only

  • Hair length, colour and style should be reasonable and not represent extremes of fashion.

  • Coats, jackets and bags should not bear slogans or graffiti.

  • Ties worn by all boys and should be knotted at the top button. Six stripes as a minimum in length.

  • Make-up should be unobtrusive and natural looking.

  • Coloured nail varnish or false nails of any type are not allowed.

Skirts, Trousers, Blazers and Sweaters

Parents are asked to ensure that school uniform skirts and trousers comply with the above. Where there is any doubt about the suitability of an item of uniform for school, parents are asked to contact the Head of House before a purchase is made.

  • Girls - Navy blue, QE specific trousers or skirt.  Skirts are only available in 2 lengths - 20" or 22".   Skirts should be worn without being altered or rolled.

  • Boys - Black suit style trousers (not jean type)

  • Blazers should be worn at all times.  Students must ALWAYS have their blazers in school.

  • Coats are not to be worn instead of a blazer but may be worn over a blazer.

  • Staff may allow students to remove blazers during a lesson but students will be asked to put their blazer back on prior to leaving the lesson.

  • Only plain navy blue v-necked jerseys are allowed. Black sweaters, sweatshirts, zip up tops or cardigans are not acceptable.


QE allows students to wear a limited amount of jewellery. We do not allow excess jewellery for three reasons. First, it increases the likelihood of loss or theft. Secondly, many items of jewellery present a health and safety hazard and thirdly, our uniform and dress code is designed to encourage a smart, sober business-like atmosphere.

  • The school can take no responsibility for items of jewellery brought into school.

  • Nose studs, tongue studs, eyebrow studs or any other body jewellery are not allowed [unless for religious or cultural reasons]. Clear plastic bars worn in any such piercing are NOT acceptable. Students who wear such items will be asked to remove them.

  • Bracelets and necklaces are not allowed for health and safety purposes.


Only the following jewellery is permissible:
  • Watch.

  • One ring on one hand.

  • Maximum of two studs per lobe. Students are allowed two discreet plain ear studs in the lobe of each ear. Earrings are not allowed for health and safety reasons.

  • No raised rings or sovereign jewellery for health and safety reasons.


Excess jewellery will be confiscated, placed in a marked envelope and passed to the House Office, to be reclaimed after one week. Persistent offenders will be sanctioned further.


Uniform Grants

Queen Elizabeth’s School will consider providing clothing support on individual application. Students who are eligible for free school meals are also entitled to assistance with the purchase of uniform. For these and for others who are facing great difficulty application should be made in confidence to Mrs Sally Dean, Assistant Headteacher.


Applications are considered in the strictest confidence.


Dress Code for Staff

The school places great store on improving and maintaining smart appearance for our students. We believe that staff take the lead in this, and all colleagues are therefore expected to dress in a smart business-like manner. Smart casual wear is not appropriate, nor are ‘holiday’ clothes such as flip-flops, or other casual items of clothing. For male staff, this implies wearing a tie on all occasions whilst on duty, and a jacket where appropriate (not replaced by casual-style sweaters or cardigans, etc.). For female colleagues likewise, dress suitable for a formal business environment is expected: overly short skirts, low cut tops and bare midriffs are not appropriate.


The Headteacher will decide if any particular dress code falling outside these parameters is inappropriate.


The Headteacher and Governors continue to be very grateful to colleagues for their support of these professional standards.