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Summary of the Careers Programme

Queen Elizabeth’s School aims to ensure that all young people have access to good and realistic information and guidance about the full range of career pathways available to them. We aim to make sure that our students are self-confident, skilled and career-ready. This will be achieved through a programme of high quality activities, advice & guidance.

Careers Programme 2021/22

Careers Framework at QE


Students at Queen Elizabeth’s School will benefit from:

  • Access to a range of activities that inspire them, including employer talks, careers fairs, motivational speakers, college and university visits.

  • Links with local employers, to help boost attitudes and employability skills, learn about the range of roles and opportunities available to them.

  • Direct experiences of the workplace.

  • Meaningful encounters with employers, helping all students learn about what work is like and how to be successful in the workplace.

  • Access to advice from external providers on options available at Post 16 including apprenticeships. GAP year opportunities, University and direct employment.

  • Face to face advice & guidance to build confidence and motivation.

  • Co-ordinated support from external agencies including Ansbury 

  • Information on the financial support available to students at post 16.

  • Information, including local Labour Market Information from a range of agencies to develop a smoother pathway between education and work -  &

  • Free access to careers advice, 7 days per week, from trained specialists through the National Careers Service

  • The opportunity to book a careers appointment with a trained specialist at school. This opportunity is available to all students in every year group. Contact Hayley Jones via email at, or by phone on 01202 885233, for more information.

  • Activities during tutor time in all year groups that promotes awareness of a wide range of career opportunities and progression routes.



The Careers Leader/ Careers, Advice & Guidance Manger coordinates the careers programme and works closely with the senior leadership team. All teaching staff contribute to the Careers Guidance through their roles as tutors and subject teachers. Hayley Jones, Careers Leader/Careers Advice & Guidance Manager can be contacted by email at or by phone on 01202 885233.


Monitoring, Review and Evaluation

The school’s careers programme is reviewed annually by the Assistant Headteacher and the Careers Advice & Guidance Manager. The focus is to identify gaps and support improvement.

Useful websites

  • Careermap - a magazine which connects students and their parents with helpful information about careers and qualifications, along with tips on a range of topics such as employability skills and CV writing.

Labour Market Information

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