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We have a staff comprising of thirteen teachers, three technicians and a teaching assistant. Amongst the team there are specialist teachers in the three traditional Sciences; Biology, Chemistry and Physics and teachers with experience of various aspects of Applied Science. This is reflected in the courses offered at GCSE and Post 16.The broad spectrum of staff specialisms coupled with a high level of ICT skills have led to a Science curriculum that encompasses a range of learning styles and encourages students to develop skills that encourage them to examine the world around them.

Physicists explore the fundamental nature of almost everything we know. They probe the furthest reaches of the earth to study the smallest pieces of matter. Join them to enter a world deep beneath the surface of normal human experience.
At Post 16 level four courses are offered. AS/A2 Applied Science, AS/A2 Biology, AS/A2 Chemistry, AS/A2 Physics.
This range of Advanced level courses offers academic or applied routes to higher education. The number of students studying one or more Post 16 Science course has increased over the last three years. Many of the students have been inspired to continue to study Science related subjects at University and frequently return to Q.E. or stay in contact to share their experiences.

Physics is a highly regarded, rigorous and academic course with clear progressions and a multitude of eventual careers. It is a massively versatile course with students demonstrating logical and analytical thought processes, numeracy, information technology skills, organisation and the ability to see straight to the heart of a problem. These skills are widely transferable and are part of the reason why Physics is such a highly regarded qualification. Physics offers a broad and deep insight into the functioning of the universe on length scales ranging from particles within a single proton up to the expansion and subsequent evolution of the universe since the beginning of time. It is this unique experience of scale that physics can offer from within the classroom.

Entry Criteria & Progression

Route A: GCSE Grade 6 in Triple Science Physics and a Grade 6 in Maths
Route B: GCSE Grade 6/6 in Combined science and a Grade 6 in English Language and Maths

A-level Physics is a traditional A-level subject and is identified as a key facilitating subject by the Russell Group of Elite Universities. Physics is a solid choice for students considering a career in Physics, Astrophysics, Medicine, Computing, Mathematics and Engineering.

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