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We have a staff comprising of thirteen teachers, three technicians and a teaching assistant. Amongst the team there are specialist teachers in the three traditional Sciences; Biology, Chemistry and Physics and teachers with experience of various aspects of Applied Science. This is reflected in the courses offered at GCSE and Post 16.The broad spectrum of staff specialisms coupled with a high level of ICT skills have led to a Science curriculum that encompasses a range of learning styles and encourages students to develop skills that encourage them to examine the world around them.

We all do Chemistry every day! Studying A-Level Chemistry will allow you to make sense of the world around you. It significantly extends the subject from GCSE, developing both thinking and practical skills with new experiences and concepts. Breakthroughs in many cutting-edge fields from materials science to medicine are currently being driven by Chemistry and you will be able to appreciate how these impact on our lives.
Chemistry provides the stretch and challenge needed to stimulate high achievers. It can be taken by students who have yet to finalise their route into further education or as part of a Science focused combination to lead on to greater specialisation within the discipline.
At Post 16 level four courses are offered. AS/A2 Applied Science, AS/A2 Biology, AS/A2 Chemistry, AS/A2 Physics.
This range of Advanced level courses offers academic or applied routes to higher education. The number of students studying one or more Post 16 Science course has increased over the last three years. Many of the students have been inspired to continue to study Science related subjects at University and frequently return to Q.E. or stay in contact to share their experiences.

Advanced level Chemistry students complete a course that builds upon Science at Key Stage 4, developing thinking and practical skills with new experiences and ideas. Chemistry can be taken as part of a diverse combination of post-16 studies for students that are yet to finalise their route into Further Education or as part of a Science focused combination to lead on to greater specialisation within the discipline. Chemistry meets the needs of all students providing the stretch and challenge needed to stimulate the high achievers, whilst offering centre assessed coursework with ‘can-do’ activities for practical skills that link to the curriculum to support learning so that students can meet and exceed their target grades.

Entry Criteria & Progression

Route A: GCSE Grade 6 in Triple Science Chemistry and a Grade 6 in Maths
Route B: GCSE Grade 6/6 in Combined science and a Grade 6 in Maths

Chemistry is a prerequisite for many courses in higher education and for many areas of employment. It is also a long-established and respected qualification that can allow progression into a number of career areas. Advanced GCE serves the needs of candidates desiring to progress into further or higher education to follow courses in Chemistry, one of the other sciences or related subjects, or to enter employment where an understanding of Chemistry would be useful.

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