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Single Award

Valid for

2018 - 2020



Physical Education

Course Content & Assessment

A-Level Dance is an engaging, dynamic qualification which encourages students to develop their creative, physical, emotional and intellectual capacity.

This course reflects both current and historical dance practices, making it relevant, and likely to inspire a lifelong passion and appreciation of many dances in a number of styles including Contemporary Dance, Ballet and American jazz.

Students with experience of several dance styles can perform and choreograph in a style of their choice, providing it meets the assessment criteria. Those with less experience will have many opportunities to broaden their technical range and become more proficient in numerous dance styles.

The course is exciting and diverse in its content ranging from solo and group choreographic tasks to performances as an individual and a group dancer and studying key topics from dance history and current developments in dance.

All examinations for this course take place towards the end of the course

Entry Criteria & Progression

Route A: GCSE Grade 6 in Dance
Route B: GCSE Grade 5 in English Language and at least 2 years dance experience. An interview and audition will also take place.

This course prepares students for the demands of both higher education and the workplace. The acquired skills would particularly be of benefit to courses and training in the dance industry including dance performance, dance teaching, dance journalism, choreography and dance fitness.