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2018 - 2019



Performing and Creative Arts

Course Content & Assessment

Subject Information
The GCSE Dance specification is a powerful and expressive course which will engage students regardless of any previous dance experience.
It includes both practical and theoretical elements. The practical tasks require students to show performance skills in solo and group work and to choreograph solos and small group ensembles. The theory work will be supported by an anthology of professional works and will develop students’ ability to appraise dances of different styles and cultures. Opportunity will be provided for students to develop their performance skills not only in lesson time but also by taking part in extra-curricular projects. There will be small group tasks as well as whole school events, both in school and in the local community. There will be opportunities to view live dance performances at local and national venues.

The final assessment will include:
Component 1: (60%)
Performance of a solo and a duet/ trio Solo or Group Choreography
Component 2: (40%)
Written examination.

‘I chose to take GCSE Dance because I have a passion for dance and I wanted to understand how to move onto a higher academic level of the subject by exploring new choreographic ideas and the theory behind dance. Dance challenges you physically and creatively but it is really rewarding. I would recommend GCSE Dance to anyone who has an interest in dance and wants to learn more about it’. Jennifer Matcham – Stuart House

Entry Criteria & Progression

GCSE leads to higher level qualifications, such as GCE A-Level Dance, and related, vocationally-focused qualifications, such as BTEC in Performing Arts or Dance.