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Modern Foreign Languages

Course Content & Assessment

Such a broad and specialist Faculty offers nothing but the best in terms of quality of teaching and learning and we are justifiably proud of our language results which are significantly higher than the national average.
The European dimension is brought ever closer through the range of trips and visits offered by members of the Faculty, including a four day cultural visit to Paris, a study visit to Barcelona and Post-16 work experience to Spain.

Have you ever been stuck trying to ask for directions or ordering food in a French-speaking country? Perhaps you have watched a French film and wished you didn’t need to read the subtitles? Whether you dream of living overseas, travelling the world with work and helping people communicate; gaining language skills will help you. More than 220 million people speak French on five continents!

Learning French will build your communication, interpersonal, intercultural, and public speaking skills. These are certainly desired by prospective universities and employers. Languages are great for a wide variety of careers especially those involving translation or communication.

French goes well with subjects like English Literature, History and Geography as they are closely linked and can inform each other. Learning a bit about the French Revolution in history? Knowing some French could give you a whole new perspective! Bear in mind too that French is classified as a facilitating subject which is a subject favoured by top universities for a whole range of degree courses, so they are a great option, whatever you want to do!
Post 16 AS/A2 French and Spanish
The study of languages at A level enables students to research up-to-the minute news and topical items in Europe. Students also have the unique opportunity of experiencing life and the World of work in Europe first hand in a visit to their Target Language country.
During the course students read and listen to authentic foreign language materials and study aspects of the contemporary society, cultural background and heritage of a country where the language is spoken. Students have opportunities to develop their understanding and awareness of spiritual, moral, ethical, environmental, health and European issues. They extend and develop their knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary of the foreign language and use this to speak, write, read and listen to the language.

Entry Criteria & Progression

Route A: GCSE Grade 6 in French.

Linguists are the second most employable graduate category after medics. You could earn 10% more than somebody who doesn’t speak a second language. Studying French at A-Level can lead to work in international business, law, management, marketing, publishing, tourism, government, politics, media, journalism and living and working abroad.