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Sociology is an exciting A-Level subject in which students gain a wider understanding of individuals and society. The course encourages critical thought about social processes and changes that have occurred as a result of crime, law making, changing social attitudes, the decline in formal religion and through the influence of individuals, social protest and social movements.

If you like learning about the big social issues and discussion this is the course for you! Students learn about religious sects and cults, crime and the role of crime in society, education and how certain groups are advantaged and disadvantaged and different families and households. Students will learn to look at these topics from competing view points based on sociological research and perspectives. Students will also gain an understanding of research methods and evaluate sociological practice. Students are encouraged to reflect on society, laws, life chances and outcomes for groups based on class, gender, ethnicity and age.
Sociology offers alternative explanations to the common sense assumptions about the world that people often make. Sociology is not about opinions but about using evidence that is both reliable and valid. Sociology also investigates a range of debates regarding social ‘problems’ and the different perspectives that differing sociologists have over the causes of these issues. In Year 12 students study Families and Households and Education as major topic areas alongside research methods and the application of research to a setting. In Year 13 Students will go on to look at Beliefs in Society (religious, spiritual, scientific) and Crime and Deviance alongside Sociological Theory and the application of research methods.

Entry Criteria & Progression

Route A: Grade 6 in GCSE Sociology or Psychology
Route B: Grade 6 in English Language

With Sociology A-Level students often select undergraduate courses in Law, Government and Politics, International Relations, Social Policy, Sociology, Criminology, English and can also go on to careers in the Civil Service, Teaching, Social Work, Media, Journalism, Nursing, Graduate Training Schemes in Business - with a Sociology Degree, Marketing, Social Research, Law and the Police

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