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Sociology is the study of groups and structures within Society and how they interact and impact upon individuals. Topics such as the Family, Education, Crime, Mass Media, Power and Social Inequality are studied. The GCSE Sociology course offers students the opportunity to learn and discover about the external influences on individuals within society which impacts on individuals’ choices and life chances. The course has two units, which are assessed at the end of the two years.

Subject Information
GCSE Sociology offers students the opportunity to understand how different individuals, groups and institutions shape society. Families and Households focuses on the purpose and function of the family, diverse family structures, laws and changes in family practices, gender roles and relationships and divorce. They will also look at how the family as an institution is problematic from sociological perspectives. Education looks at inequality within the education system which may influence life chances, students’ treatment and educational success. They will learn about teacher/ pupil relationships, subcultures or peer pressure, lack of money and different values and how class, ethnicity and gender affect success.
Crime and Deviance is one of the most exciting topic areas and students will look at trends in criminal behaviour – based on class, gender, age and ethnicity, police and biased policing and law making, the treatment of offenders and the sociological theory on crime in society. Finally Stratification looks at how social groups are divided and have different levels of power and chances of success in society – for example why we have a continuing gender pay gap when women are in their 30s – and is this problematic or just practical?

Students choosing Sociology are recommended to have a target grade of 6 in English due to the essay based nature of the course – this is a recommendation not a requirement.

The Sociology of Families and Education - Paper 1: Families, Education and social theory and methodology Written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes, 100 marks 50% of GCSE
The Sociology of Crime and Deviance and Social Stratification - Paper 2: Crime and Deviance, Stratification and Social Theory and Methodology Written exam: 1 hour 45 minutes, 100 marks 50% of GCSE

Sociology is one of my favourite subjects, it's helped me develop a wide range of knowledge and understanding about society, and how sociologists study and understand its structures, processes and issues. Sociology is exciting, interesting
and relevant towards my own life and now I look at life with a more sociological mind-set. Grace Thomas York House

Entry Criteria & Progression

Route A: Grade 6 in GCSE Sociology or Psychology or Merit grade in OCR National Health and Social Care Route B: Grade 6 in English Language