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2018 - 2020




Course Content & Assessment

The Philosophy and Ethics course is an invaluable opportunity to gain knowledge, skills for careers and to question morality and its meaning. The A-Level course examines ethical theories and deeper philosophical questions about the nature if the universe and of humanity sand the existence and non-existence of God. The course demands and develops analysis skills,evaluation and clarity of expression.

The A-Level course is aimed at those who are prepared to explore thought- provoking concepts around human actions, consequences and philosophy, in particular the more compelling issues that affect human lives today. Philosophy and Ethics is an exciting A level that allows students to engage with the world around them and encourages them to reflect on morality, faith and different approaches to these issues.

Entry Criteria & Progression

Route A: GCSE Grade 6 in RE
Route B: GCSE Grade 6 in English Language

An A-Level in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics is highly regarded by universities and is excellent preparation for degrees in Philosophy, Theology, Religious Studies, PPE, Sociology and Law.

Graduates in these subjects may go on to careers in Law, Civil Engineering, Foreign Office and Teaching. Ethical theories in this A-Level are also highly relevant in medicine, science and business.

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