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In Year 10, students will evaluate the outcomes of the First World War, how peace was established and then lost. Likewise, the policies of Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany are examined in relation to the failure of the League and the outbreak of the Second World War. With the defeat of Hitler, students move on to consider the emergence of the Cold War 1945 to 1955.
In Year 11, students will explore how two countries responded to the social, economic and political issues of the inter-war years. The USA: Having entered the First World War, America opts for a policy of isolation. During this period, America experienced a period of boom, technological change, economic collapse and war. In contrast, students evaluate how Totalitarianism was established in Germany in 1933 after the failure of Weimer Democracy. In the summer term of Year 10 students will complete their controlled assessment.

In GCSE History students will gain the opportunity to study a diverse range of topics spanning the last 1000 years. These include:
Section A - Germany 1890-1945. How the Nazis came to power and what it was like to live in Nazi Germany
Section B - Conflict and Tension in Asia 1950-75. This includes looking at how America was defeated in Vietnam.
Section C - Britain: Health and the people 1000-present day. This is the sometimes gory part of the course and
will give an overview of change in Britain in the context of medical advancements.
Section D - Norman England 1066-1100. Looking at topics such as the Battle of Hastings and castle building.

GCSE History gives students the opportunity to not only discover fascinating aspects of our past but to:

Explore how the past has been represented and interpreted for different purposes.
Develop the ability to ask questions and to investigate the past
Organise and communicate their knowledge and views in a variety of ways
Apply their historical knowledge to the present so that they can fill their role as responsible citizens of the

I took History because I wanted to know about the events that made our world what it is today. I enjoy lessons as they are well structured and not just copying out of a textbook. We often have class discussions, watch clips that bring the topics to life and work in groups to complete our work. I also value the fact that I am not just learning about the past but am developing transferable skills such as how to structure an argument, essay writing and the analysis of sources. I wasn’t 100% certain about taking the subject in year 9 but am glad that I did. Sam Josephs - Tudor House

Entry Criteria & Progression

Route A: GCSE Grade 6 in History

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