Government & Politics

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2018 - 2020




Course Content & Assessment

Politics is the most up to date subject you can study at A level. Our subject is always kept current as Governments and the Politics of the people in the UK and USA constantly change.

This A level is especially relevant to you as it’s your future that is impacted on by the results of the referendum of 2016 and the elections of 2016 in the US and 2017 in the UK.

Through independent investigation, class debate, visits and talks from a range of speakers you will explore how people in the UK and the USA vote, who they vote for and how political parties and pressure groups influence the way people vote. You will also learn about the different bodies of Government in the UK and USA contrasting how they work from local to national to international levels to represent the people. A new addition to the Specification from 2017 is the study of a range of the Political ideas from Socialism to Conservatism with the chance to learn about developing ideas such as Multiculturalism or Ecologist.

Politics combines well with A levels in History, Law, English, Economics,
Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy & Ethics.

Entry Criteria & Progression

Route A: GCSE Grade 5 in a Humanities subject
Route B: GCSE Grade 5 in English Language

This is an incredibly useful A level if you wish to pursue a career in local or national Politics. The knowledge and transferable skills you acquire would also be beneficial when working in the Legal profession, the Media, and Charity or Public Sector jobs, as well as in Education or Research across many industries.
If you are going into higher education and thinking of studying a Humanities, Social Sciences or Arts subject at university, then having this A level on your application will look particularly good to admissions tutors.